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Young Christchurch Bus Driver Aims to Beat the Best

26 Sep 2016

Liam Bentley has proven that youth can win over experience, ousting the local competition to win himself a place at the Tranzqual Bus Roadeo in Dunedin on the 26 September.

At only 20 years old, edging out the other Red Bus entrants two years in a row is a significant achievement for the transport operator’s youngest driver. Liam’s skilled driving, customer service, bus knowledge and road code understanding has helped him continue his form from last year’s national competition where he placed 17.

The competition at last year’s event was broad and Liam expects much the same this year.

"There are highly skilled drivers and some who have been in the industry for over 30 years" he says.

"I am spending time going over the bus components and memorising road code theory and I guess everyday when I’m out driving I’m practising. "Liam says.

Liam has been with Red Bus since he was eligible for his Class 2 licence and behind the wheel since 2008.

CEO Paul McNoe is right behind Red Bus’s sole entrant in this year’s competition.

"It’s exciting for us to have a promising young driver like Liam competing for Red Bus for two years running. The Tranzqual Bus Roadeo is a positive way to promote skills and foster talent in our industry and we’re pleased to support it," Mr McNoe says.

24 of the country’s best drivers will compete for the 2010 title of New Zealand’s best bus driver. Liam says while the competition over the weekend is quite intense, the Tranzqual Roadeo is great for developing skills in their industry.

"Liam’s recent win again in Red Bus’s Roadeo qualifying event shows that last year’s win was no fluke. It shows that good training really works. It is great to see a young person achieving and doing so well against much older and experienced drivers," Tranzqual Southern Regional Manager Tony Greenwood says.